With a decentralized governance model, the OFCDAO enables soccer enthusiasts to stand united, regardless of their geographic area and to participate in decision-making for football club we bought via token ownership.

Leveraging on Web 3.0 technology, OFCDAO will create a more inclusive and engaging environment for fans to be involved in the club’s decision making, various aspects of the game and to share all the success collectively.

Thanks to the strength of our community, we will decide together to reach the top places in football and crypto.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.







We plan to raise approximately $12 million in funding by doing tours such as SEED, IDO, IEO. $2 million of the funds raised will be allocated for listing on crypto exchanges, advertising work, blockchain. We will decide using the DAO to acquire at least 51% stake in any football club competing in the English League One, League Two or National League for approximately £2-3 million. We can apply to football clubs from other countries by voting with the DAO. We plan to promote the club we bought with the remaining funds to the Premier League in England, the cradle of football, with the strength of our community, and to invest in young talents.

A DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) is similar to a co-op (Cooperative Business), in where a community comes together to achieve a shared mission. DAO’s aim to eliminate the need, and greed, of a traditional hierarchical business. The simplest way of thinking about DAO’s, is an internet community sharing common interests, coming together to achieve a shared mission. The use of a DAO allows for football fans to band together and use our shared resources to disrupt an exploitive system

The rise of Web3 and blockchain technologies has unlocked new ways for brands and projects to gain ownership and access to their communities. We believe that blockchain technologies can allow DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to track their every step as the owner, investor and supporter of a football club.

- Governance
- Lockup $OFCDAO for merchandise profits
- NFT collaboration giveaways
- Discount on merchandise
- And more


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